Classic Kung Fu Collection, Volume 1 by Don Wong Tao

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Don Wong Tao;Lung Fei;Carter Wong;Chan Sing;John Liu
Xie Yu Chen;Lui Wai Man;Tung Chin Hu / Yuen Woo Ping
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Adventure For Imperial Treasures- Many imperial treasures were stolen in the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, and an investigation to recover these treasures has been underway ever since. This mission fell into the hands of Prince Feng Ko in the late Qing. He traced Li Lin, a suspect, to his secret cave in Mt. Chilien, where he was hiding from the officials. Li Lin escaped from Feng Ko's search and got away with the treasure map. Feng's troops caught up and killed both Li and his wife. Li's daughter was saved by a kung fu man, and his son was saved by a beggar. Li's son, Hsiao Ching, was taught kung fu by a monk with unmatchable skills. Hsiao Ching learned from the monk and was ready to avenge his parents' deaths. While Hsiao Ching was out for searching Prince Feng, Feng came and wounded the monk. Hsiao Ching came back with Yun Lan, a girl he met while searching for Feng. After fierce fighting, Hsiao Ching finally kills Feng - and the monk, in his last breath, gives Hsiao Ching some surprising information!
Fatal Flying Guillotines- During the Ching Dynasty, cruelty and greed oppressed the people. Prince Yun Ching, seeking to shore up his rule, has tried to make alliance with old master Wu. But, this great martial arts fighter who perfected -The Flying Guillotines- is reluctant to ally himself with such an evil man. Meanwhile, the monks of Shaolin Temple and a young fighter called Sun are looking for a sacred book stolen by the Prince. These terrible forces meet in a stunning battle during which Sun makes a shattering discovery. For him, the struggle has just begun.
Instant Kung Fu Man- A mischievous Shaolin disciple, Hsia Hu, uses trickery to graduate from the rigorous monastery without completing his martial training. His mentors, well aware, send the monk Hui Kang to keep an eye on him. Once outside, Hsia Hu soon discovers that people, mistaking him as his twin brother Hsiao Fu, a hardened criminal and Kung-Fu expert, treat him with both fear and respect. He, being too lazy to learn Kung-Fu, begins to relish his Instant Kung Fu Man image and impersonates his brother at every chance. Amusing events take a sinister turn, however, when Yi Lan, Hsia Hu's former accomplice and now sworn enemy, returns to settle a score with Hsia Hu. A duel between Hsia Hu and yi Lan becomes inevitable, at which point, Hsia Hu must decide whether he can afford his new identity or not. His decision leads to an entertaining and unexpectable outcome.


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