Tai Chi for Arthritis (6 Languages Edition) by Tai Chi for Arthritis

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Tai Chi for Arthritis
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It is a simple, safe and effective program especially designed for people with arthritis, supported by many Arthritis Foundations worldwide. Scientific studies has shown this program to relieve pain and improve physical function. This program has helped many thousands of people improve their condition and quality of life. It is shown by clinical study to be safe and effective. The 12 movement Tai Chi is especially composed by a team of medical and tai chi experts. It is easy to learn, safe and and requires no prior Tai Chi experience. Step-by-step instructions will allow you to set your own pace and level. A portion of proceeds from sales will be contributed to Arthritis Research. This 80-minute DVD contains a complete exercise program designed to help people with arthritis to gain better control of their ailment. The video commences with a general introduction. Medical experts discuss why exercise is important for people with arthritis. The Tai Chi program begins with warm-up exercises. You will then be guided through the Basic 6 Movements that form the core of the program. When you are ready, you can progress to the Advanced 6 Movements to improve your skill. The video also contains a bonus Qigong breathing exercise to promote relaxation.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review